Abuse Classic

"In one swift stroke, Abuse has changed side-scrolling platform shooters forever..." -- GameSpot

"Abuse supplies a massive weapons arsenal to chose from, such as the heat seeking rocket launcher, napalm rifle, and death saber." -- AllGame

"You really do owe it to yourself as a gamer to play Abuse, as another game of itís kind will quite possibly not be released again." -- GameFAQs

"If you're easily addicted, stay away." -- Mark Woon

Warm up your thumbs, turn out the lights, and hold onto your seat! The celebrated, cult classic Abuse has come to the iPhone!

Produced by Dave Taylor, one of the original authors of Doom and Quake, this action-packed platformer will keep you glued to your seat for 22 harrowing levels of terrific gameplay.

Control movement with your left-thumb, and a smooth 360-degree aim with your right to lay waste to teaming hordes of mutants as they come streaming from every direction towards the hero. Pick up weapons, ammunition, and power-ups and use them to carve your way through varied enemies, fiendish traps, and devious puzzles.

* 22 long, action-packed missions
* 8 powerful weapons to collect
* 4 power-ups
* Smooth, parallax scrolling action
* Realtime point/source lighting
* Over 1000 hand-drawn frames of animation
* Discover secret rooms by blasting walls, floors, and ceilings